U.S. Peanut PAC

Ensure Growers’ Voices are Heard in Washington!
Sign up for the U.S. Peanut PAC!

For only 25 cents per ton, the U.S. Peanut PAC allows growers an opportunity to support sound farm policy.
Individuals, sole proprietorships, partnerships and LLC’s are all able to participate.

Just fill out the form below and email it to Devon Griger at d.griger@att.net.
You may also fax the authorization form to 202-543-4575.

For your convenience, this form is also available at your local buying point. 

U.S. Peanut PAC Authorization Form

Not a grower? You can still support the U.S. Peanut PAC! Contributions from all members and friends of the peanut industry can mail contributions and the US Peanut PAC Contributor Form to:

U.S. Peanut PAC
313 Massachusetts Ave NE
Washington, D.C. 20002

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